Sunday, 5 February 2012

Red Ribbons crop and meet

I went to a crop yesterday organised by the Red Ribbon House on UKScrappers. Originally there were 12 of us going but unfortunately with ill health, poorly cars, and horrid weather it ended up with just the 4 of us; Mandy, Terri, Becky and myself.
Also important to my story is that the leader of the Red Ribbon House- Sandra- has this idea that I am naughty and is forever sending me to the naughty step for no real reason at all, it truly is beyond me as I am such an angelic person :)
We had a class on doodling at the crop in the morning and I was the first to finish my page

no patterned paper there at all it is 100% doodled designs on card and as the first finisher I was awarded a Gold Star by Becky;

The award of a gold star means of course that I am an angel and am exempt from any persecution and naughty step sendings by Sandra :P


  1. I love the doodling on your layout - it's great :)

  2. Oh please like that star is going to stop me lol. Seriously! You doodled ALL of that ... Wow I'm super impressed. Bet you all had such a fun time :)

  3. One stunning page! Glad you managed your meet up!