Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday crafting

It was Alex's birthday today he turned two and I have some fantastic photo's of him I have to get printed off so I can scrap them lol. I did manage to carry on with my planned sunday crafting session it was just a little later in the day.

As planned I did a page of Alex the photo is relatively old he was only around 4 months old when this was taken but our camera has been unreliable and all my pictures are being taken on my phone so I don't have any more recent ones yet;

A fair few years ago I did this page;

At the time we had finished our family three kids were plenty enough thank you very much but the world had a different plan and Alex made us a six pack :) So I have done an updated rub a dub dub to include the youngest monkey;

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kari pages

So I thought I would search out my pictures of my older pages and share them with you. At the moment I only have pictures of my 12 by 12 pages as this is the size I do the most. I will have to take pictures of the 6 by 6 I have done as well although a lot of pages have been completed as gifts and unless I find some pictures on a disc I am out of luck with them!

I am starting with Kari's album (the kids each have their own 12 by 12 album) as hers has the most pages and I have already posted her latest double layout.

This was a very early layout using Basic Grey papers;

This page Kari designed herself and I helped her complete it;

These pictures are from my Aunts wedding I couldn't resist them and the Basic Grey paper reminded me of the patterns you see in bubbles;

Friday, 25 February 2011

The weeks grand finale

Well maybe not so grand lol I spent a couple of hours making the last 2 cards for my youngest's birthday as each of his elder siblings wanted to give him a card individually and an anniversary card for my parents. Loved the excuse to use one of my Michael Powell stamps.

It has been an afternoon of silly mistakes though first I put the glue on the wrong side of the A so it is back to front lol
You may wonder "Pink for a boy?" But Alex loves piggies it was one of his first words

This didn't come out as nicely as I hoped but we live and learn and hopefully improve as we go along :)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

UFO sightings

So I am determined to get some of my UFO's turned into finished articles. For non stitchers out there a UFO is an UnFinished Object. I am going to concentrate on two so that I can swap if I get frustrated with one. The first is a DMC design from a Pollyana Pickering picture called "Tiger on the Rock" I was doing it for my Dad's 60th so it is already 2 years late lol.
The second one is a Heaven and Earth design called Scotland from artwork by Ian Daniels. I love how lifelike and real these designs are but they are hard work. Scotland is around 150 by 160 stitches but it is done on 28 count fabric so the stitches are tiny which is what makes it look so true to life but is hard on the eyes.
So here are the covers of the two kits to show you the finished look and my progress so far. I will update these weekly (hopefully) to keep me going.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stitch in time

I have finally got back into my stitching so here is the first but hopefully not the last stitchy finish of 2011 :)

Inspiration station :)

Sunday's card making session had me itching to scrap again so I decided I should stop hesitating to scrap photo's that I truly loved in fear of not doing them justice. These photo's of my daughter are a prime example I ordered extra's especially to scrap them and then they have sat in a drawer for over 3 years while I dilly dallied trying to decide what to do with them. I can be so indecisive that instead of enjoying these photo's they have been ignored. I started sunday evening choosing the embellishments I would use and then the past few days I have cut out shapes decorated them and set out the design. Today I finally put it all together and am loving the finished result.
It is a lot busier than my usual style more reminiscent of my earlier pages but sometimes we have to step back a few paces because my more minimal style nowadays would not have worked with these pictures in my opinion. I have to say my husband disagreed with the angel wings but I love them lol! Proof she can at least look angelic!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Sunday Crafting Session

So I decided I would do some crafting every Sunday and today was the first day :)

My youngest will be 2 next Sunday *eek* so this weeks creativity has been dedicated to his birthday cards. I used my Cricut and Mickey Mouse cartridge to make his cards. I have also included one of the pictures from last week the right way round lol

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Scraps and bits and bobs

Hi all I am going to start having a weekly craft session on a sunday again maybe scrapping, maybe cards/ATC's possibly a bit of stitching and I am going to use this to keep everyone updates with what I am doing :)

My latest creations 2 cards and an ATC