Thursday, 24 February 2011

UFO sightings

So I am determined to get some of my UFO's turned into finished articles. For non stitchers out there a UFO is an UnFinished Object. I am going to concentrate on two so that I can swap if I get frustrated with one. The first is a DMC design from a Pollyana Pickering picture called "Tiger on the Rock" I was doing it for my Dad's 60th so it is already 2 years late lol.
The second one is a Heaven and Earth design called Scotland from artwork by Ian Daniels. I love how lifelike and real these designs are but they are hard work. Scotland is around 150 by 160 stitches but it is done on 28 count fabric so the stitches are tiny which is what makes it look so true to life but is hard on the eyes.
So here are the covers of the two kits to show you the finished look and my progress so far. I will update these weekly (hopefully) to keep me going.


  1. The tiger one is beautiful, but difficult to stitch on that black fabric - looking forward to seeing it grow :-)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous.....both of them

    Cant wait to see them grow