Friday, 11 May 2012

Storytelling Sunday 2 (slightly delayed)

For storytelling sunday this month I wanted to celebrate the other girl in our family of 6 my daughter Kari.

My Doppleganger

Nearly eight years ago our family of four became a five and I had another girl in the family at last :)

Now I am facing a little madam who is about to turn 8 later this month but is rapidly turning into a teenager already

I would like to be able to say that I have no idea where she gets her extreme stropiness and argumentiveness from but as you can see she is very much her mother's daughter

It is scary not only how much she looks like me but how much in character we are alike. At least my mum's wish that I had a daughter just like me to "see how I liked it" came true as maybe that means now that I say the exact same thing to my daughter it will come true for me too!


  1. I love a girl with a bit of spirit! My girl is the spitting image of MY Mum - it's very funny to see.

    Thanks for joining in this month Michelle - I think she's going to love looking back at this years from now and seeing her Mum's pride in her

  2. My daughter definitely has a bit of spirit - I like them that way. However, she's not just like me instead a combination of Wookie and me.

    We BBQ for vegetarians every time - marinaded veggies, haloumi cheese, pressed cheese/roasted vegetables in a bread loaf.

    Nice to have you join us!

  3. I think all daughters are like their moms - more or less. It is interesting when you get one that is definitely more - because then it can become a battle of wills at times. But spunk is good, both in moms and daughters.