Friday, 28 October 2011


Any child who grew up in the 80's with Happy Day's is now doing the Fonzie "Aaaaeeeyyy!" lol I had this great photo this summer of my eldest doing the classic Fonzie pose and it made me think of The Fonz straight away. I cannot be the only 30 something to get excited when you see Henry Winkler appear in anything else and exclaim "It's the Fonz" he was my first crush and remains a much loved character of mine still today.
For this LO I followed the fab October Creative Craft World Scrap Map which I thought fit in with the theme I wanted to acheive. I used some watered down white acrylic paint and "stamped" with some bubble wrap that I received with at Creative Craftworld kit to create the circles on the card. I then used the September CCW Kit to make the LO with layers of paper behind the photo and some of the buttons to highlight the circles. I didn't want to leave the top left pp bare so I added some of my favourite Fonzie quotes my overall favourite being "What d'you do, send your brain on vacation?" (Said to Chaachi when he burns down Arnold's).

Thanks for coming by again have a lovely day x


  1. Oooh I love what you've done with our scrap map, Scatty, a fab page. Thanks for joining in woth us at Creative Craft World.
    Sue x

  2. Love what you did with the sketch and kit! Especially the texture using the bubble wrap. Thanks for joining us at CCW!

  3. Great page! Thanks for joining in with our challenge at CCW!
    Trish x
    *sings* Sunday Monday Happy Days, Tuesday Wednesday Happy Days......

  4. Love it Michelle - Bring back The Fonz!!!

  5. Henry Winkler was on telly yesterday - think he was talking about having dyslexia? Anyways... yep, the first think I said when seeing him on the gogglebox was "Hhheeeeyyyyy..... it's Fonzerelli!" *lol*

    My first crush was David Essex. Why did I just admit that? I was 4! *lol*

  6. Love the use of bubble wrap. Thanks for joining in with the scrap map challenge at Creative Craft World.

  7. Lovely page and thanks so much for joining in the challenge at CCW

    Sarah x x x