Friday, 7 October 2011

My first mini *PHOTO HEAVY*

A few weeks back I bought a gorgeous mini book kit from Handmade Hannah and was very excited about it but when I got it I wasn't sure where to start. I didn't know what photos to use, what size to make it, or how to use the glassine envelopes lol but earlier this week I decided I was not going to let this adorable little kit languish in my stash, picked out some photos, grabbed my August Gottacraft kit to expand my paper choices and went for it.
I decided to make my covers 6 1/2 inches square and then have various sizes of pages inside and over three evenings finished this book which I adore I hope you like it too :)

This is one of the envelopes the reverse has "Our story" written on it and a journalling card inside describing how we started off our life together;

I made my own Acetate overlay with heat embossing and alcohol ink staining;

The glassine envelope has a tag in on the front as you can see a photo of Joel and on the reverse some journalling about Joel's years as an only child;

Another envelope a window one this time with a photo of Dylan inside and a journalling card;

Another glassine envelope this one tucked behind the main photo, this tag has a picture of Kari and journalling about how she ruled the roost lol;

I had a problem with this page as I wanted to include all 3 photos but they wouldn't fit so I made them flip down like pages in a book;

That's it I think I need to add an envelope with journalling about Alex but all done otherwise, thanks for struggling through this massive post xxx


  1. That's beautiful Michelle :o)

  2. Lovely Michelle. lots of hard work gone into this but well worth the effort x

  3. A fabulous mini album Michelle. Thanks for sharing it. It looks like a great deal of time, effort and love went into it :)

  4. What a treasure you've made! It's so beautiful... and the journaling is wonderful!

  5. That is gorgeous Michelle, love all the flaps and pockets - just beautiful tfs