Thursday, 10 March 2011

Back to scrapping kids :)

But not mine lol I have got to the LO's in the wedding album of the couple's kids :)

The first LO is the whole wedding party The Groom's daughters from a previous marriage are in black, The Bride's son is the only young boy there and her daughter is 2nd from the right and my own daughter was one of the bridesmaid and is sitting directly in front of the bride looking nowhere near the camera lol

The Photo's I had for the next two layouts were very big all 4 were at least 7 by 5 inches and needed some trimming. I was determined to use both pictures of my friend's two kids as there was one of both that was simply gorgeous and one of each that showed their personalities. There wasn't space in the album to do a DLO for each of them but I think I have managed to do them justice

The groom's two girls at the age where they wanted to wear black and wanted to look more grown up than the other bridesmaids. This was the only photo I had of them so I was so pleased it was a good one :)

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  1. My goodness, these are going to be so well loved and appreciated.