Monday, 7 March 2011

Wedding bells call

So here I am sitting down having a coffee and enjoying that the kids are at school and is just myself and the little man when all I can think of is what I am going to do with the wedding album and how I want to get it done so it is in time for their 3rd anniversary.
I found a little time during the day to use my Cricut to cut the shapes I had planned and then on the walk home from school Alex fell asleep. Yay so 3 big kids doing homework, Alex asleep and me scrapping. Two more pages down fourteen to go and feeling a lot happier for having done some :)
The only problem with doing Vic's album is that Phil (DH) realised I had not done one for us yet and we have been married nearly 12 years! I have only been scrapping for four though so that's my excuse lol


  1. What a lovely gift for them that album will be when complete.

  2. They'll be over the moon when you present them with this ... but come on, looking forward to seeing you scrap your wedding :)