Tuesday, 8 March 2011

LO's of the kids

So continuing uploading all my LO's to share here are the LO's I have done of the kids together;

This one was a magical photo. The kids were yelling 1 2 3 cowabunga and high fiving each other. I managed to grab my camera and call them and get this completely miraculous shot :) It is a simple LO but the picture is too good to overwhelm :)

This LO was done at a scrap party using a kit and shows how my kids can sometimes be very sweet to each other :)

This was a very early LO done to a challenge to use no piece of paper or card larger than 1" square (except for the background card) I had only just begun scrapping at this point and should probably have not attempted it really as I found it tough lol

This is a more recent LO picturing each of my kids (at the time the photo's are pre-Alex) in the snow we had Feb 2007

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