Thursday, 4 August 2011

When in Rome....

So today's let's keep the kids amused worked out very well. It has been a rainy day and the kids have behaved better today than on day's where it has been sunny and good for playing out go figure! They started this morning playing hide n seek which Alex loves it is so sweet to hear his little 2 yr old voice shouting excitedly "I find you I find you" :D Then the big three dressed up as there own made up super heroes for a photo shoot which we are going to scrap about at a later date.
After lunch they did mosaics at a grand cost of zero to me :)

All you need is some plain card or paper, some glue, a pencil and some paint shade cards (if you get asked by a staff member why you are taking so many the property developing excuse works wonders lol)

Cut the shade cards into lots of squares you can cut the white bits off if you want I am not that patient unfortunately lol

Give each child a piece of paper/card and a pencil and get them to draw whatever they want their mosaic to be and if they want to note which colour they want where

Sit back whilst they become utterly engrossed in glueing and sticking and a little more cutting when needed

and here are the finished results;

Joel and his sea monster;

Dylan and his shark (sorry for the poor picture);

Kari and her rainbow;

We still have plenty of squares left and the ability to get lots more if needed lol and Kari has already started her second project.


  1. Very clever idea and very pretty results.

  2. They're taking after their mother with creative talents :). What a fabulous idea

  3. Great fun! Your children are just so cute... and I love the way their imaginations work. Fantastic pictures guys!

  4. What a great idea, they're a talented bunch just like you :)

  5. What an absolutely brilliant idea and they were totally absorbed by it too. Love the end results!..xx