Monday, 1 August 2011

Unusual sunday crafting

I didn't scrap last night, I didn't make cards, I didn't even do any crochet or cross stitch I made a dress!
But I have jumped ahead of myself a little bit. We did family stuff yesterday morning and took the kids out to get some garden toys as they seemed to have none left that were in one piece lol. When we got home we watched the Grand Prix then I was supposed to be having "me time" for the rest of the day. Kari had other idea's though and decided to go crashing into the garden wall on Dylan's scooter resulting in nor one but two nasty cuts about 1cm apart just below her right knee.
I duly cleaned it up and searched out a large plaster but a couple of minutes later the blood was coming through the paster and showing no signs of stopping and so off to the minor injuries unit we went. Thankfully the wait time wasn't too bad yesterday so we were only there around an hour. Kari had to have steri strips and glue to hold it all together but it has still bled through onto the dressing which I am not sure it should.

When we eventually got home and the kids were fed I shut myself in the dining room to have my (very delayed and now much shortened) me time. I had seen the link for the Pillowcase dress on Fi's blog and thought I would give it a go and so made a dress for Kari. I had to alter the pattern slightly to make it a little larger but am really happy with how it turned out;

My idea was to make this for Kari see how I found it with my fibro and if I could make some for the charity. I remembered why I hadn't done any quilting for a while I do find sitting at my sewing machine fairly tough on my fibro so I may get a couple done for the charity but it will take me a while and I promised Kari I would do her two so I have another to do for her as well.

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  1. Is thereon end to your talents? This is just lovely