Saturday, 24 December 2011

Life according to Alex

Alex may be the youngest in our family of six but that does not mean for even the tiniest moment that he doesn't know what he likes and what he wants. He is very determined, stubborn and has a definite opinion on everything! With this in mind I wanted to record some of the funny and sweet things he has done this year that I love but might be forgotten in years to come.
As I have so many lovely purple pumpkin buttons after winning a $50 voucher in their pre-christmas giveaway I decided to use them and follow the December sketch;

I loved making this LO and am so happy with how it worked out. I used a monkey button for my little monkey, a Dino button as he loves Dinosaurs, and a Bee button as he is so funny playing at being a buzzy bee. I also used a doily, vinyl heart and a couple of tickets and a couple of spotty buttons;

A couple of close ups of the lovely Purple Pumpkin clusters;

The journalling reads;

Things Alex said or did in 2011,

"I not a little boy I a baby!"
"Mastadon's like milk and apples"
All cutlery is not created equal if you choose it for me I will put it back and get something else. Ditto for plates and bowls!
I may have to have cutlery but hands rule!
I like to wash my hands but only after wiping them on the sofa
I am a bit of a parrot
I am baba, Kari is bebe, Dylan is guys and Joel is dole. I can say Mastadon, Dinosaur and Crocodile though.
"Do you remember what I said about ....?"
Bedtime is not bedtime without Mickey, Nake, Dinosaurs, Turtle and Car.
I'm right, You're wrong end of conversation!


  1. Super duper cute!!! Thanks for playing along with us at PP! :D

  2. My absolute fav button..cheeky your layout..thanks for playing along at PP

  3. The monkey button is so cute, and I love the Dinosaur adorable layout...thanks for playing along with us at Purple Pumpkin xxx

  4. What a nicely balance page. love all your take on the sketch.