Tuesday, 24 January 2012

UKS Art Journey

I am taking part in the UKScrappers new Art Journey this year as I am fairly new to ARt Journalling I thought it might give me some ideas and help me develop my Art Journalling. The first weeks "Step" was to get your journal and included how to make your own, I am going to make myself one at some point but at the moment I just want to continue with the book I already have.
Step two was to try and abandon your preconceptions about your ability to draw/ your handwriting not being good enough/ and anything else that holds you back. We were alson asked to visit ColorLab to get a colour scheme that maybe we wouldn't have normally. This is the colour scheme I ended up with;

I created this page using the colours (roughly) and I added each colour in a different way to try and continue my experiments with texture. The green was painted with a brush, the blue with a soft sponge, the sandy colour with a brillo pad, the white was the gesso-ed areas that I left uncoloured added with an old store card, and the pink was alcohol ink added with a piece of felt.

I added my journalling by cutting up words and letters from leaflets and apart from feeling a bit psycho killer like for doing it lol I like how it looks. I then added some stamping and journalling and I focused my journalling on what I would like my kids to do as they grow to get the most out of every day.


  1. I like how it looks too :)

    I really take my hat off to you, I wouldn't know where to start with an art journal.

  2. I'm glad you're joining us on this journey :)
    You've embodied the ethos of it perfectly you know, doing what you want, in your own way, and then sharing it with people? That's not to be underestimated just because the page may not look like someone else's x

  3. A lovely art journal page, the colours work really well. I love the journalling and how you have used cut up letters, they look really good :)

  4. Art journalling remains a mystery to me, Michelle, but that page is fabulous.
    Sue x