Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fun first week of the school holidays

Warning picture heavy post!

We have had a great first week and I have been finding lots of fun things to do with the monkeys we bought a cheap cricket set which they have been using a lot and I have done plenty of card making and scrapping with them. My friend Fi had this link on her blog for making water bombs using only a few sponges and dental floss. The kids loved them as you can see in the pics;

Yes you are seeing right my husband only mowed half the lawn lol (I can't do it due to hayfever) he assures me he will do the other half at some point lol.

On thursday we used some half price vouchers from Hula Hoops crisps and took the kids to Chessington World of adventures. The vouchers are on the multi packs again now there are 2 vouchers on each multi pack each voucher allows you to buy a ticket at half price for Legoland, CHessington, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and a few others I can't remember right now. I got some more in Tesco's yesterday where the crisps are also on offer so a pack of £18 crisps for £2 I got 3 lots as a family of 6 we needed the vouchers and 18 packets of crisps don't last long with my monkeys!
Here are the "official" photo's from Chessington we had a great time and I will be sharing more pictures soon :)

Me, Kari, my brother Marc, Joel (hiding) and Dylan;

Joel, Marc, Dylan and Phil;

Dylan, Marc, Me and Joel;

Kaila (back to us Marc's friend not girlfriend though lol), Ria (Kaila's niece) Me, Alex and Kari;

Yesterday I made windmills with the kids if you have some paper, drinking straws, a hole punch and some brads (split pins) these are extremely simple to make. Take a square piece of paper or thin card cut diagonally from each corner towards the centre stopping about an inch from the middle. punch a hole in the centre of the paper then once in each corner to the side of the cut so each cut triangle has one hole in one corner. Punch a hole in the drinking straw. Push the split pin or brad through each of the corner holes in turn then the centre hole and finally the straw and open the split to keep it all together.

Today we got out my mist sprays and I cut some shapes out using die cuts and punches but you can use any paint and shapes. We got a large sheet of card and the kids placed the cut outs where they wanted them and then sprayed the mist over the top. Once dry we removed the shapes and then replaced them in different places and sprayed with a different colour. Once the second layer was dry they then decorated the poster with the diecuts and some stamping and have stuck them up on their bedroom walls.
In the photo's Kari and Dylan's look good but because Joel chose a darker base colour they don't show up as well but they pop in real life :)

So that's one week down now to plan what to do for the next 5 weeks! Thanks for popping by hope you are enjoying your summer with the kids :)


  1. Looks like a great first week love:-D


  2. Very creative, I love the posters, glad you're having fun on the first week of the holidays.

  3. Lots of fun things happening at your house this week. Glad the waterbombs were a success:)

  4. Lots of fun - can you have my two as well? :) x

  5. Looks like the 1st week has been a HUGE success. Some great shots there, which I'm sure well be seeing on lots of layouts soon:) xx