Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I'm ready for my close up!

I love this photo taken of me in Feb 1993 as my headshot for the drama club at Uni of course at the time I hated it but I would love to look like that now! I recently re-discovered it and had to scrap it but after seeing some of Rachel Elliot's LO's I knew I had to use Websters Pages Hollywood Vogue and I am so glad I did they just seem right for it to me.
I cannot figure out a title Hubby seems to think it doesn't need one but it seems so strange to not have a title! Any suggestions?


  1. Love the LO (lovely photo of you too). I think it's fine without a title but it would probably look more "complete" with one - haven't got any helpful ideas yet though :-(

  2. It's such a beautiful layout. I must admit, I'm with your hubby on this, I don't think it needs it

  3. Gorgeous. Give the layout the title of your post.

    This should give you link to.my blogs.Michelle

  4. Gorgeous layout, I don't think it needs a title