Sunday, 29 May 2011

Birthday girl

Yesterday was my daughter's 7th birthday. I have no idea how that happened she iw too little to be 7! She had a lovely day got thoroughly spoilt and after we took her out for a meal with my parents my mum and I took her to a craft shop as she wanted to get some crafty stash of her own. She bought a few bits and bobs there I had to keep saying no to her though it felt mean but at the same time her spending £5 on 6 flowers was a waste of her money imo as she only gets a little.
Here is her with the LO she completed all by herself with her very own stash :) It is very much throw absolutely everything on but I love seeing how the kids do their pages and always let them do what they want. The temptation is there to say hmm this would look better or don't use the whole pack of stickers at once but then it would be what I wanted it to be and not what they wanted.

I had to share this pic of her blowing out her candles it is just too funny :) I will be getting a print of it asap and check out the lovely cake made by my talented mum who also made my wedding cake. She is fairly amazing :)

I had a very busy day today DH is "dying" and had to be taken to minor injuries it is muscle spasms in his shoulder and he is pretty drugged up and while he was there and it is only a couple of minutes from Tesco I braved the weekly shop on a Sunday alone with all 4 kids! I survived so that's something lol
I completed my latest CJ entry and a LO of Alex this afternoon. Alex is a big Mickey Mouse fan he has has his Mickey since he was very little and it goes everywhere with him except the bath (not for want of trying mind). On the rare occasion we get him in the car or buggy and head out to find we have forgotten Mickey we have to find something to distract him or he gets rather upset.

The CJ was on the theme of "Inspire Me" and we had to either journal about a card or a LO. I kinda cheated in that I did a giftcard card but they are just so cute to make and the christmas Toys R Us vouchers for the nieces do look better in them than stuck on the card they provide. If you want to try them you should be able to read the instructions from the photo on here but they are fairly easy and can be adapted for different sizes easily enough. They can also be used for an ATC if you are sending one out :)

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  1. Awww... happy belated birthday to a gorgeous - and very gifted - not-so-little girl (well, 7 IS grown up, you know?!?).
    Love the Mickey layout - those stars for journalling is a brilliant idea!

    I love watching my children get creative - they don't think about what to do... just chuck bits and bobs around! It's almost instinctive... and always ends up looking brilliant when finished. Maybe I should take a leaf out of their book and not think so much? *lol*