Tuesday, 3 May 2011

May Day crafting

We had a lovely May Day this year. My parents and brother came up for a visit with Molly's sister Bella so the pups ran around playing for ages :) We went up to the local farm as they had a Falconry Day and saw some lovely birds although the exhibition didn't quite go as planned when the Falcon flew off and didn't return! They were only 2 miles from home so the guy was certain the bird had flown home but it did make us all laugh that the bird basically said "Screw this I'm off!".
I went on the carousel with the kids it was a first for all of us and I have always wanted to go on one I entrusted Phil with taking Photo's and hopefully will be scrapping them soon :) Phil and Marc took the kids home while Mum and Dad and I visited the craft shop there. It isn't a great shop tbh more cards than scrapping but I managed to find some glass beads to finally do the LO of Alex with his Thomas bubble blower.
When we got home we had lunch and then mum. the kids and I all went in the dining room to craft. I made the Bubble LO;

I am not sure I am entirely happy with it but I will have another look at it next weekend and see if I want to change it then. I then did the wall hanging for Kari, I had these lovely photo's from when Kari was 4 and did all her modelling poses and I got some acrylic scalloped circles to scrap onto directly and made her this hanging;

I really enjoyed doing it and have to get some more masculine shapes to do a hanging each for the boys. I have some more recent model pictures of Kari to scrap as well she is so funny with the poses that she believes are "Modelling" :)


  1. Two great projects! Love the scrapbook layout - the colours are brilliant, and I love the way you group photographs together.
    The wall hanging is super! What an absolutely adorable child!

  2. Love the wall hanging idea, what a great way to display the photos.

  3. This is just so lovely and perfectly displays some super photos, love the shot of hot pink in the centre one. I really like your Bubbles layout too, i think it shows the photos well, love the collage of pics at the bottom. The colours are perfect and I really like the title and the bubbles that are decorating the page. Job well done i reckon :)
    Warmest wishes Anita..xxx