Thursday, 12 May 2011

First foray's into the digital world.

I have been stuck the past week or so with a complete Mr Whingey Pants! As such I have been increasingly stressed but with no chance of getting near my craft stuff so I decided to have a look into Digi Scrapping which I could do on my lappy while sat with the monkey.
I have Photoshop elements (PSE 7) on my PC it came pre-loaded but I don't think it is a scrap friendly version at least I cannot for the life of me figure it out so I downloaded some free software from Daisy Trail and some of the freebie digi sets from SHabby Princess and Dawn Inksip to get me started.
I am still unsure about it to be honest I prefer getting messy and having different dimensions and textures and I find the Digi version very hard to get the hang of. I have 2 LO's I have done here the first one was a total omg what am I doing one and the second is a little better but still not what I would want it to be. So I think I will be sticking to paper seeing as these took nearly as long and just don't work imo (so much for me thinking digi scrapping was easier than paper lol)

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