Thursday, 19 May 2011

Finally back to my paper scrapping :)

It has been a very long week and a bit with no papercrafting but everything has been so hectic here it just hasn't been possible until last night. I only had time to do one LO and I did the UKS weekly challenge as I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
The challenge this week was to;

1/. Scrap about someone or something special to you
2/. Use no more than one of any item excluding photo's and lettering
3/. Use the colour green

I decided I wanted to stray from the expected path and not scrap about my kids, husband, pets or wider family. I chose to scrap about Rhino's which have been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember and are very special to me. I have sponsored a Rhino at Whipsnade Zoo for many years with the money going to help maintain Rhino habitats in the wilds of Africa and this is one of the Photo's I have been sent of my Rhino.

The elements I used are some thickers for the title, one large gem and one piece of 6 x 12 inch paper. The paper was a 12 x 12 design of coloured spots one side which I used for the mat behind the photo. On the other side the paper was divided into 4 6 x 6 sections of different designs. I cut the large flower from one section and then cut two sections from it to make the two flower embellishments. I cut a section from the mat behind where the photo sits so you cannot see the missing section and then cut it into strips and used the reverse side pattern for the vertical strips of PP.
Around the edges of the card I jotted down some Rhino facts here they are for you;

-There are five types of Rhinoceros that survive today; White, Black, Javan, Indian and Sumatran Rhinos.
-All but the Indian Rhino's have 2 horns.
-Rhinoceroses belong in the same mammalian family as Tapirs, Horses and Zebras- Perissodactyla; hoofed animals with an odd number of toes.
-The Indian Rhino is sometimes known as the Unicorn Rhino as it only has one horn.
-The White Rhino was actually mistranslated from the dutch Wijd meaning Wide.
-The largest land mammal ever known was a hornless Rhinoceros; Baluchitherium which lived in Asia 40 million years ago. It was about 27ft (8m) long and 17ft (5m) high.


  1. I love this! It's so apt that the photo is a rhino, and that all the embellishing is large and bold... it kinda fits right :)
    It IS unexpected... but really great!
    Thanks for the rhino facts... something I can drop into casual conversation (I WILL manage it *lol*) to make people think I'm intelligent :D

  2. roflmao just remember the Indian Rhino is the Unicorn one you will fascinate little girls with that one lol