Monday, 30 May 2011

Rainy day crafting

Between the awful weather and Phil "dying" we were not able to take the kids out at all today it was just so miserable here and Phil bless him is in pain and completely off his head on the drugs they gave him lol. So I spent some time today colouring some more stamped images and made two card and bookmark sets one of them for a non reader of my blog so I have can share but the other is for an occaisional reader of the blog so it is staying under wraps for now.
After the cards and bookmarks I did this double layout of the kids on the trampoline this April, I spent ages cutting out all the swirls and flowers from a co-ordinating 12 x 12 pp but it was worth it. The letters for the title don't show too well in the photo it was so gloomy I had problems getting a good pic but they really pop irl.

This is the first card I made for a friend. No reason behind it it's a just because card;

and a little bookmark for her too as she loves to read;

Thanks for popping by hope your bank holiday monday was more sunny than mine :)


  1. Aren't you a lovely friend :) ..all your projects here are gorgeous - the layouts, are wonderful.

  2. "Just because..." cards are the best cards of all! Love it all - card, bookmark, and layout too. The swirls really are great - so worth all the extra effort :)