Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Boys' antics

Last night I got back into my craft room (well dining room really lol) and completed two more layouts :) I had some pictures of my eldest and youngest being cheeky and chose to use those.
The first one is from when my eldest was 18 months old about 10 years ago now (OMG that sounds a long time!) we were visiting my in-laws oop north and whilst at my father in laws Joel had a sit in his truck. He loved being up there and did not want to come back down he would not let go of the steering wheel it took something chocolate to get him to let go lol

My second LO is using pictures from a few months ago, Alex always has to take his Mickey Mouse out with him on the school run but some days if he has been playing with lots of toys he insists on taking all of them with him. On this day he had 3 cuddly toys and when I tried to get 2 of them off of him he just grabbed them tighter.

Thanks for coming by have a lovely day whatever you are doing :)

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  1. First things first ... YOU ARE THE BEST! I can't tell you how touched I am by the beautiful beautiful card and book mark I received today - you're so talented. You bought a real tear to my eyes. I'll be photographing them later to show others, your beautiful work.

    And now onto this blog post ... such lovely layouts - you couldn't have picked better papers for them both.

    Again, huge thanks xxxx