Sunday, 26 June 2011

100th Blogpost

It is a little scary that this si my 100th blogpost already when I only started the blog towards the end of february lol. I just have a quick update with the other LO I did yesterday and my latest CJ entry.

After doing the LO about Spider I had to do one about my other cat Sylvester. I kept it fairly plain and simple with only a scrunched paper flower to decorate as the pps were fairly loud.

The CJ this fortnight was for Chris who wanted us to decorate a tag and then give 5 facts about ourselves on the opposite page. I am quite happy with how it turned out and the CJ as a whole is gorgeous.

On the reverse of the tag I carried on the "me" theme and wrote some descriptions of me around the tag spiralling in;

and this is the finished page;

Have a lovely Sunday everyone thanks for popping by x


  1. The reason it's your 100th blog post is because you don't listen when I say stop crafting lol. Well done on the 100th.

    Really liking your cj and finding more about you.

  2. Love the CJ entry, and can't believe it's already your 100th post - I've been lagging WAY behind!