Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beach holiday

Last night it was the turn of some holiday pictures to be scrapped for my Dad's book. These are from a trip to Eastbourne that my Dad went on with his parents, sister and paternal grandparents. I knew both of my great grandparents and remember my great grandmother in particular with much fondness. She was French which I have honoured with the bunting and I loved going for visits to my grandparents. My grandad and I would go to my great grandmother's for breakfast which would be grapefruit followed by croissants and the ever present ribena (she was obsessed with ribena lol). My great grandad was a lovely man but most of my memories of him are from after he developed Alzheimers and he always mistook me for my aunt so it was harder to get to know him and nana was so exuberant he always seemed so quiet in comparison.

Anyhow here are my 2 from last night I am going to do 4 tonight or I will not get it done in time!

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