Friday, 10 June 2011

Married life

Last nights pages the first one show my parents summer holiday 1972 the year they were married and some pictures in their first home. You will see my dog Prince he was a collie lab cross and used to guard me in my pram. Mum could go in a shop and leave me outside in my pram with Prince and if anyone so much as looked at me he told them off, he was my best friend and I adored him. He died while we were away overnight for a cousins wedding when I was 12 or 13 it was such a shock to come home and go to fetch him from our friends' who had looked after him and Ben (our black lab we also had at that time) and find he had died.
Timmy our first cat is in the second two pictures, he was my Dad's baby and dad used to walk around with Timmy around his neck like a scarf. Timmy also had a stool at the dinner table between me and my Dad and he would sit there at breakfast and finish any milk in our bowls when we had cereal.

This is the first page I have done in my Dad's book with myself and my younger brother in it. I followed the UKScrappers House Challenge sketch and criteria (use jewels) and have submitted this one as my entry for the House Challenge this month :)

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