Thursday, 16 June 2011

Normal service is resumed :)

Last night my husband wanted to watch "Our War" a documentary on BBC3 about Afghanistan done using the headcams some of the soliders wore. We had recorded it Monday evening but hadn't got round to it yet. I couldn't sit and watch it as it is too upsetting for me especially as last nights story included our Battalion and the loss of one of our troops (Jamie Janes R.I.P.) and so I was asked "are you going in the dining room to craft tonight then?" an offer I couldn't refuse lol.
I completed the WC for UKS which was a tough one for me as it had to be a busy LO with more than one picture and no white space, about outdoors and using the colour green, and use only old stash. The outdoors and green was ok I scrapped about when Phil and Joel would spend afternoons playing water pistol in the garden when Joel was little and still an only child. The old stash was a bit harder only because I had to really search to find an old set of alpha's for the title that fitted colour wise and had all the required letters! The busy bit was really hard my style is generally a bit more minimal and I love my white space but I think I have managed it :)

Thanks for popping by all comments welcome :)

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