Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Grandkids and Friends

I sat down last night to do the 4 pages in my Dad's book of our kids only to find a photo missing. The photo of Dad with Kari as a a baby has vanished completely so I had to skip the baby pages and go straight to the collage of moments as the kids have grown. I managed to get us all in at least one photo too so was quite happy with how it all turned out :)

After the kids page I move on to the Friends one with my parents best friends Dawn (my mummy 2) and her husband Stan. I have just about finished my Echo Park "For the Record" papers with this DLO and am deciding whether to buy more or not. They are my favourites but I don't want all my LO's to start looking the same hmmm decisions decisions! So just the baby DLO 3 pages of pets and a final kids page to go I cannot believe that in just over a week I have done 32 LO's!

1 comment:

  1. How gorgeous!
    If you enjoy using the papers, then I would buy some more - I don't think all your pages will look the same, as you've proven just with this small selection how versatile you can be with your layouts.