Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lots to share

Sorry this is a photo heavy post as I haven't updated for a couple of days and am now up to 22 pages out of the 38 so over half way through :)
The first two pages I did Friday evening and are from holidays when my brother and I were kids and holidays revolved around the swimming pool we were complete water babies :)

I managed 6 pages yesterday the first two are about holidays firstly one of our trips to Bahrain where my aunt (Dad's sister) lives and the second my parents trip to Israel;

I then finally got to pages about myself and my brother. I have a few pictures of my brother as a youngster but none of myself so the photo's of me are a bit older and I included one of me and Phil our first christmas (1998) together in our flat before we married;

The next page details how my Dad is such a big softie! He has always gone for visits to my cousins armed with sweets which they are well aware of and so his big threats of "I'm going to give you some of that!" whilst shaking his fist results in giggling and pleading for sweets. He was the same with my brother and I and is the same with his grandchilren (my monsters) who he spoils rotten!

Lastly some photo's from the Round Table conferences. My dad was a member of the round table and later the Rotary for many years;

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