Monday, 6 June 2011

Father's Day gift.

After altering the calendar to make a memory book for my Mum for Mother's Day I couldn't really just get my Dad another T-Shirt for Father's Day could I? I have a book in my stash that I had been meaning to use as a scrap book and in my wisdom decided to use that. I wasn't too worried about the 10 1/2 inch square size but I could have fainted when I realised it would take 40 LO's to fill it *EEK!*
As the inside of the front and back covers weren't too great I decided to save myself a little work and stuck the first and last pages to the inside covers saving me 2 LO's lol so only 38 LO's and the front cover to do then. Yesterday I decoreated the front cover and then did the first 4 pages as two DLOs. The first set are from my Dad's very early childhood and I have left the journalling cards blank for my Dad to fill in as his early years weren't the best and he has never told me about them and I only know what I do through my Mum but my Dad isn't aware I know about it.

Sorry about the crappy pics it is so gloomy here it was the best I could get :( The first page has bubble letters that read Early Memories;

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