Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The infamous "Sudocreme Incident"

When Dylan my now 9 year old was two he decided he wanted to be just like daddy (doesn't every two year old boy?) and at that point daddy wore hair gel but that changed after the infamous incident I have recorded for all eternity lol.
Here is what the journalling reads;

"Oh the infamous sudocreme incident of 2004. Dylan wanted gel in his hair like daddy and while mummy's back was turned this was the result! It is so thick and gloopy it took us 6 washes to get it out completely!"

I mixed some white acrylic paint with water and then used a straw to "blow" the paint into a random splatter over the card to resemble the sudocreme in the hair! I used this month's CCW kit and punched or distressed the edges and inked them all. The rough twine in the kit was fab and I have seen the effect of wrapping it around the photo(s) or pp and so decided to give that a go and added some of the teeny buttons to it. Finally the background of the photo was very dark and I decided to again cut my subject out, it might seem scary to cut into your photos but if it is a recent one the worst that can happen is you have to print another and it can look so effective. Thank you for once again popping by and the lovely comments you leave I appreciate every one of them x

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  1. That is just the funniest story... brilliant! Reminds me of when my nan (now passed) picked up her hairspray and sprayed it in her hair, only do disover that she'd just used 'Mr Sheen' on her new 'do *lol*
    Beautiful layout - love the use of buttons :)