Thursday, 24 November 2011

Think Negative!

That was the challenge this month at Sarah's Cards Ltd. This was left open to our own interpretation and the DT came up with some wonderful idea's and LO's to inspire us all. I have been trying recently to get some of my early years recorded and am compiling a "Book of Me" and had a set of photo's from a school trip to France in 1988 most of which were completely unusable.
This got me thinking these were the days when you actually had negatives with your photo's and as the photo's themselves were big blurry messes the negatives would not be needed for re-prints and so instead of ribbons I used the actual negatives (my kids find them hilarious they don't understand why we have them when your pics are on the computer!).
The trip wasn't a pleasant experience for me until we visited the Amphitheatre. Amongst those that went I was in a group of five pals but all the rooms slept 4 and the teachers decided to make it easier we would all work with the people we shared a room with. I was the one seperated out from our group of pals and put with 3 girls I didn't know too well and found while I didn't dislike them they were not like me and we had little in common. The Amphitheatre though was amazing I could feel the history and the photo's don't convey the size and height of it. I am so glad that some of those pics came out ok and the one of the Roman shield carving.

So this my Think Negative page the photo's that turned my trip from a negative experience to a positive one that awoke my passion with Architecture and History and I used the actual photo negatives to embellish it. Thanks for popping by x


  1. I am glad your story had a positive ending. Gorgeous page.

  2. Fabulous page and I am glad your negative wasn't too negative. Thank you for taking part in the challenge xx

  3. I love that you used both a "negative experience" and actual negatives on your page - fab! Thanks for playing along with us at Sarah's Cards :) xxx

  4. I really like the negatives as an embellishment - great idea! Thank for playing along with out challenge :)

  5. What a great way to use your old negatives.I love that you are recording your childhood memories too. Thanks for playing along with our challenge.