Monday, 18 April 2011

Crafty kids

So there I was yesterday happily scrapping away and my DD came in the room. I had got a DCWV kit that I was never going to use so I gave it to her and let her join me. The kids have all done a few LO's but this time I just left her too it and she did 2 pages. I had to be careful not to laugh at the title reading Kariout side rather than Kari outside but I think for a 6 (nearly 7) year old hse did well;
and this is her second page from her 4th birthday;

Then little miss blabbermouth went and told her brothers about her scrapping and I got my eldest come in to do one too lol. His is a present for my youngest and reads "Alex your brothers and sister will always be here to protect (you), however annoying you can be"

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  1. Absolutely adorable - those kids LOs are truly ones to treasure.