Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday crafting on Mother's Day

So I have joined in with my teams CJ (circle journal) on UKScrappers. A CJ is a scrap project that you complete a starting page of and then post around to each person in the group in turn. Each person add's a double page lay out to each journal until it is eventually returned to it's owner. I have been in many stitchy Round Robins which work in the same way with stitching projects but this is my first CJ. I decided to theme mine around Nusery Rhymes to make a book for my kids and eventually with luck grandkids :) I have completed my front intro page and the single layout next to it with the Rainbow song and the back page with pockets for everyone to sign and add any information they want to about themselves or their project. So here it is and I have used my first ever hand crocheted embellishment!

After I finished the CJ I needed to tidy my stash up so that we could have dinner (darn family lol) but wanted to craft a little more so went back to my digi stamp Hidden treasures which you can find here I had started her a few days back but got nervous about her very complicated hair! So I read through Vixykins fab tips and gave it a go. She is not perfect but I think I am improving you can find Vix and her awesome creations here it is well worth a look :)


  1. Well done on joining a CJ, it was the best thing I ever did for encouraging me to try different styles and techniques. I've completed several CJs now and have loved each one, they certainly challenge you, and it's great when you get your finished book back.

  2. I totally disagree I think she is just perfect, stunning colouring and I love your crocheted embellishments too...they are lush
    Mina xxx

  3. Looks good to me too! The beauty particularly with Hannah's stamps and fantasy ones is you can colour them any way you like, doesnt matter if she has rainbow hair she'll still look a million dollars :D

    Interesting texture there too, I thought it was cross stiched at first or on fabric, excellent!

  4. pmsl that was an accident Vix I put the card in the printer the wrong way up but it does give a canvas type look :) Thank you x

  5. Are you nuts .... she looks just perfect to me LOL. what a great idea for a cj