Saturday, 2 April 2011

My secret project

This was what I was busy finishing last sunday and why there was no sunday crafting post. I made an album for my mum for Mother's Day she visited yesterday so I gave it to her then.
This will be a picture HEAVY post so you have been warned!

Front cover

A picture showing my nan (mum's mum) as a baby in 1915 These were all attached to a chipboard desk calendar so though this is one LO it is "cut in half" with the photo on ones side of the page and the journalling on the other.

My grandad (mum's dad) who died when my mum was 7

My nan with her dad and her younger brother Alf

My grandad with my mum's older brother David and sister Hilary

My Grandad (driving), nan with my aunt Hilary, my mum's Uncle Alf and her big brother David with her bigger half brother John

My Nan at a family grave

My nan with David, Hilary and my mum as a baby

My mum, Hilary and David

My nan with me and my brother Marc in the first photo and then my Nan with her older brother Bill and Marc. We lost Bill in 1989 I miss him he was a lovely man

My nan when she took me and her friend's granddaughter Tracy to Jersey I am in the pink

My nan with my eldest boy Joel (the blue tongue boy) we lost Nan in 2004 and I miss her every day I had to stop scrapping several times as I started crying and I may start again now lol

Mum's Stepdad Ern who has always been our Gramps as we never met our grandad with Hilary at her wedding in 2007

That's it hope you like it I would love some comments if you have time :D


  1. What a lovely thing to do for your mum, I'm sure she will treasure it :)

    Fiona x

  2. It's gorgeous, what a beautiful, beautiful gift.

  3. Thats lovely and what a wonderful gift I'm sure your Mom loved it.

  4. A lovely album, beautiful colour scheme really complements the vintage (mostly) photos. A really beautiful keepsake and I'm sure it will be tresured not only by your Mum but also by generations to come - what a great family history.