Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wedding album pgs 2 and 3

I had big plans to get the house challenge for UKS done part of the challenge is to alter something to be used on your LO and I had a fab idea involving some acrylic beads from one of Kari's broken bracelets paint glitter and fibres. So I sanded the beads down so that the paint had a nice rough surface to get a grip on and then got my paint which was in a squeezy tube and SPLAT!!! the tube literally exploded with paint all over me and the table and half my tools argghhhhh!
I only had the one suitable tube of paint as I don't use paint much and when I do it is usually my H2O's which would be no use here.
So I decided to get on with the wedding album rather than sit there for an hour trying to think of what to do next with these beads. Whilst I was working on the wedding pages I had a completely different idea for the HC page it means using different photo's but I had a set of 3 I was choosing from so it is still one of those sets. I am not going to tell you any more yet you have to wait and see :p

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